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Veterinary Students

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Veterinary Students

The practice is very popular with veterinary students and you must book your time with us as far in advance as you can. We only allow one student at a time, for a maximum of 2 weeks and you must be over 18 years of age. Please email us or call the office to arrange your placement.

The teaching of students is taken very seriously and we hope that you will gain a lot from your time with the practice. You should be smart at all times and preferably wear overalls and strong leather boots. Training shoes and Wellington boots are not acceptable. Make sure you bring a stethoscope, a note-pad and your lunch. The horse owners are generally very approachable, but you should treat them with respect and courtesy. If you are nervous about being around horses, you must let the vet you are with know.

You will be expected to answer a range of questions and contribute to case discussion. These discussions will be dictated by the clinical cases which the practice is dealing with - you may be lucky and we'll have some unusual cases to deal with or it might just be a week of vaccinations and dentals!

Confidentiality is important and you must not discuss owners' or animals' details with anyone, other than the vets working in the practice.

If you need somewhere to stay, please call Diane Hewlett on 01463 731427.

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