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We can pay your horse a visit

Your horse is unique and so is Kessock Equine Vets, being the Highlands only 100% equine veterinary practice. At Kessock, we aim to provide you and your horses, ponies and donkeys with the best possible care.

Due to continued investment, we are able to carry out most procedures at your premises, as well as at the clinic. This can vary due to the facilities and assistance available! Please do ask and we are able to provide estimates of costs beforehand.

We understand the need to remain as competitive as possible and so will continue to provide zone and yard options for you. This will involve some changes from the 1st of April 2019 for zone appointments and future bookings.

At all times you are always able to ask for your usual vet to attend, with a timed appointment.*

Zone Visits

  • We cannot specify the vet who will be attending or guarantee time preferences.
  • A 2 hour time slot will be appointed.
  • No visit charge for dental examinations and vaccinations for the same horse, when carried out at the same time.**
  • Introduction of £9 Zone visit fee for all other routine procedures.
  • Dental examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Health check
  • Blood tests (not time critical blood tests which require a specific timed appointment)
  • Microchipping/ ID certification
  • Minor consultations
  • Do not include more involved work such as (but not limited to) lameness investigations, ultra-sound scans, x-rays, endoscopy, castrations, vettings, more complicated involved dental treatment (eg. diastema widening)
  • On larger yards clients would be encouraged to use yard visits***
  • For case continuity, zone visits are not suitable for follow up exams and we would recommend a normal routine visit – so that you can see the same vet
  • These visits do book up many weeks ahead – so please do take time to plan

Contact the clinic if you have separate appointments for vaccinations and dental examinations already booked to combine them.

Yard Visits (4 or more horses)

  • No visit charge
  • Timed appointment for the yard
  • Vet of your choice
  • Can carry out most procedures under this scheme

It is difficult to give individual clients a specific appointment slot during the yard visit and so generally the appointment will be for the vets arrival on the yard. It may be possible for the vet to give a rough estimate of how long each examination or procedure may take.

Exams at the clinic

  • Come to the clinic instead of paying a visit charge and only pay for treatment ****

Bespoke appointments

  • Book with the vet of your choice at the time of your choice *

*Our usual visit fees and professional fees will apply. 
**£5 Discount no longer applies.
***Call the clinic for clarification if required.
****Clinic charges may be applicable.